Obama Family Yearly Vacation Scorecard: You Paid For It


March 5, 2012 9:32am PST

If everyone else was paying for my vacation, my family would probably look as happy...

SPAIN 2010: TOTAL: AT LEAST $250,000

  • U.S. taxpayer paid for the First Lady’s 68 person personal security army, assistants, and of course why not use presidential mumbo jet Air Force Two.
  • Air Force Two was a modest $150,000 for the trip.
  • Personal security runs at $281 per day – totaling $100,000 for the vacation.

HAWAIIN CHRISTMAS 2010: TOTAL: Over $1,500,000.00

  •     $63,000 to fly in Michelle and the kids on a private jet.
  •     $1,000,000 for Obama to come in on Air Force One.
  •     $38,000 rent payed for the luxury ‘Winter White House’.
  •     $16,000 to provide housing for local security including Seals & Secret Service.
  •     $134,000 to keep staff in the local luxury hotel. Spare no expense on your staff…
  •     $251,000 paid out to police for staying overtime.
  •     $10,000 so that an ambulance could park outside at all times. Why not?


  • Michelle and the kids stayed in a room which costs more than $2,400 per night.
  • Michelle & kids fly in on Air Force Two (add a couple hundred thousand).


  • The Obama’s decided that a modest hotel room that costs $2,400 wasn’t quite nice enough. This time they decided to stay at the “Blue Heron Farm estate” which goes for $50,000 per week.


I would make some humor about how modest my last vacation was but frankly I can’t remember the last vacation I took. Times are tough… for a lot of people. Which is why I will never understand how the Obama’s can do this – with quite so much smug.

-Mr. Conservative



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