Seriously Michelle Obama? Thanks For Banning King Sized Candy


February 19, 2012 12:20pm PST

Your next trip to the gas station or stroll through the candy aisle might include smaller sized candy bars. Thanks to Michelle Obama lobbying Mars Candy to sign her “Healthier America” agreement you will no longer have the option to buy King Sized Candy.

Leave it up to the liberal lifestyle police to protect you from yourself… eating candy. Seriously? What’s next.

It’s not that obesity in America isn’t an issue. It is. It’s that the government is interfering with the choices you make for your own health. Now you’ll just lose a bit of money if you decide to buy two regular size candy bars to get the same amount of candy(until that becomes illegal).

This comes in with other recent news of children who are being forced to eat school lunch because the sack meal their parents made for them at home doesn’t meet Michelle Obama’s health standards. I’m not even sure who our health belongs to anymore… ourselves or the government? Coming soon… “Eat this government designated meal or else!”

Who do these people think they are?

Written By Cyrus


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